Good Morning Lovelies,

And how are all of you? Well I hope! This morning we have some huge news which involves and award and New Year’s Eve, so get ready for it lovelies! 

Let’s start with the award news shall we lovelies, as the BIFA Awards have announced that Chiwetel Ejiofor will be honoured with the Richard Harris Award on the 6th December lovelies, to celebrate his incredible career and his work as an ambassador for British film. 

Speaking about the award, Jared Harris, son of Richard Harris, commented: “I am so happy this award is going to Chiwetel. Although the recipients of this award have all been embraced by the establishment, they all came from outside it, fought their way in on the strength of their talent, claimed their place and changed the status quo. A journey which describes Chiwetel's career perfectly. His talent is immense, it has brought him deserved worldwide recognition, and he is in his prime! I hope this award inspires British filmmakers to take advantage of him and build films around his talent.”

Congratulations to a well-deserved winner! 

I think we should all celebrate the award news and the end of a great year for film lovelies, at the Legoland New Year’s Eve party at their hotel in Windsor! With something happening around every corner, the hotel has created a 3D film that will make the end of the year come to life in a beautiful LEGO way lovelies! 

Find out more on their website and get ready to party! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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