Hey Lovelies, 

I am back at last and I have some huge release news to share with all of you, featuring a film that has been getting a lot of talk from the award committee’s lovelies! 

On the 27th November, the film ‘Carol’ will be shown at Picturehouse Cinemas in a 35mm projection lovelies, meaning those that go to watch it will see it in the way in which the filmmaker wanted it to be seen. 

As well as this treat lovelies, the director of it, Todd Haynes, will be hosting a special Q&A event at the Picturehouse Central on the 24th November lovelies, to celebrate their event Todd Haynes Triple Bill that is being hosted on the 22nd November. 

Speaking about the film, Todd Haynes, Director said, ‘We are delighted that Picturehouse and STUDIOCANAL are partnering to present CAROL in 35mm for its UK release.  The film was originally shot on 16mm in order to preserve the rich grains and texture so often lost in today's digital processes. Even films that are shot on film today are usually edited and projected digitally but this is a rare exception.  At Picturehouse Cinemas audiences can witness the richness and subtlety of Ed Lachman's gorgeous cinematography in this projection of CAROL from a 35mm film print!’

While, Clare Binns, Director of Programming and Acquisitions at Picturehouse Cinemas said, ‘Picturehouse recognise that there is still an important place for 35mm and if directors want to use it then we want to give cinema-goers a chance to see it. I am thrilled that Todd's vision of releasing his remarkable film Carol, in 35mm, is being realised and with thanks to the commitment of STUDIOCANAL, will be shown on the big screen at Picturehouse Central and other Picturehouses over the coming weeks.’

And Danny Perkins, STUDIOCANAL UK Chief Executive said, 'We are incredibly proud to partner with Picturehouse on the 35mm presentation of CAROL. It is important that the industry continues to celebrate the medium of film, offering multiple formats, not just digital projection. CAROL has been described by critics as 'a love letter to cinema' and we are delighted to compliment this by further enhancing the cinematic experience of Todd Haynes' exquisite film for UK audiences."

Get ready to enjoy the film in all its glory lovelies! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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