Good Evening Lovelies, 

I am finally home and guess what lovelies? We are one day closer to all of the Black Friday goodness! Happy Thanksgiving as well lovelies to all of you amazing people celebrating it! Could you send me some sweet potatoes, turkey and stuffing on a plate please? I would love you forever! 

While we don’t celebrate it that much in the UK lovelies, there is a lot of buzz about Black Friday and PG Tips have found lovelies that many of us feel ashamed or guilty about the way in which we behave on the big day. After last year’s mayhem, in which the average person spent 37% over their target amount, the public will hopefully not push in front of each other as 9% of people did, argue like 8%, forget to say thank you like another 8%, be rude like 7% of people and push people which 5% of us lovelies did. 

And lovelies it was found that men where worse than women last year when it came to the big day, with people from Birmingham, being the worst case of being swept up in the chaos. 

So to make sure that nothing bad happens this year lovelies, follow these top tips from Monkey and the PG Tip team…

  • Only queue for as long as you’d brew – I personally suggest 1-2 minutes
  • If the flat-screen can’t be flat-packed, step away from the telly
  • Don’t punch, grab, shove or snatch! You don’t want people thinking you’re some kind of animal
  • Don’t rinse your money! Save what you’d spend, and put it towards something you really need  - my money is being saved towards an automatic tea machine
Or lovelies, you could go an grab a meal with George Clooney, as his wax figure took to London to enjoy a thanksgiving meal, that he probably bragged about upon his return to the museum! 

OR you could catch up on all the latest releases including 'Alien Extinction' on the 4th January lovelies, by pre-ordering it now and beating the rush! 

And then enjoy this brand new clip...

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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