Hey Lovelies, 

As a huge fan of Christmas, it made me so happy to watch a film about the season, although I have to admit it was probably really early to watch it and I did feel  a little guilty because I like to keep my Christmas films for the month of December, however I was drawn in to the film ‘All I Want For Christmas’. 

Although it didn’t draw me in like others have done before and the love story in which is played out on screen is not the one I was expecting. It became cheesy and other the top and I was hoping that it would improve, even when I guessed that it would not. 

I love everything about the Christmas season, but for me this film did not capture it in the right amount of cheese and instead became an annoying piece that just didn’t sit right in the end. It isn’t a film that will kill off your spirit, but it won’t improve it. 

And that is why I am giving this film…

2 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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