Hey Lovelies, 

This week I wanted to celebrate one of the best things about the year, when the seasons change and the world gets ready for autumn, the best season of the year. I am obsessed with the cosy nights in, wrapped up in a blanket with a green tea in hand. 

And therefore I thought I would do a fun tag about my favourite things to do with the season! Please feel free to take it for your own blogs or vlogs lovelies, as I tag you all in it, and enjoy…

Favourite Thing About It?
I love all things to do with autumn and winter. I love seeing the winter coats coming onto the scene, people all wrapped up looking nice and cosy. The films that are released and the food in which we all love to eat this time of year because it’s cold. Plus the seasonal celebrations. 

Favourite Drink? 
Throughout autumn I always stick to Green Tea, because weirdly it reminds me of the falling leaves and the calm world that falls into place in autumn. 

Favourite Candle?
I am obsessed with Yankee Candles and the one candle I have to have burning in autumn is the Fireside Treats candle from them, as it smells so cosy and sweet.

Best Film? 
Autumn and winter are the most amazing months to catch up on all of the films and see all of the award contenders, but for me my autumn film has to be Edward Scissorhands! 

Favourite Band Or Singer? 
I love so many, but a cosy autumn soundtrack for me is anything by Jack Johnson, who has such a Sunday morning voice. 

Favourite Outfit To Wear?
I wear a lot of jeans and t-shirts in autumn, but I have recently brought some cosy jumpers and I suspect these will become my favourite.  

Autumn Treat? 
Oh there are so many, but I probably spend a lot of money on TV shows and Films during the season, because spending the days inside watching them, all cosy, makes me feel super happy.

Favourite Place To Be? 
Home! Or London! I think both really make me happy during autumn, because they just make me feel so cosy. Like a huge hug! 

What is your favourite thing about autumn lovelies? Let me know, because for me this season and winter, they are just amazing and I couldn’t look forward to them more and the cosy nights in that come with them. 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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