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As promised I am back with the new weekly #FilmFriday fashion post lovelies, inspired by the film and the stars within the industry. This week I thought it would be a cool idea to explore some of my favourite fashion looks in my favourite films. 

I have a wide mix of films in which sit on my favourite film shelve but they people within them all have something in common and that is their great, sometimes weird, but mostly great clothes, which have been selected for them by the costume designer. Although I have heard some cool stories about some stars choosing the outfits themselves too aha! 

There are so many reasons why I love these looks and I will try to explore them as we go along lovelies. I hope you enjoy…

The Pink Dress in Walk the Line: There is nothing and I mean nothing like this dress. It shouts out the 50s and the country lifestyle in which Reese’s June Carter embodied and the dress as the end is like a sign of her happiness to come, which in turn makes me so happy as a viewer. It is also the iconic outfit from any scene in which people remember and I think it is because of the dress. 

Edward Scissorhands Leather Jumpsuit: It more likely his body, but when you think about the amount of skill and talent that went into making the outfit, it must have taken hours. And the way in which Johnny Depp just embodies it and makes it like a second layer of skin while playing the character is amazing. 

Randle’s Leather Jacket in One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest: This was a film in which I could watch over and over again and mostly because of the way in which Jack Nicholson changes throughout the film. From the cool biker jacket to his white outfit, the film manages to show his personality changes through his outfits, but he continues to be the coolest figure in his jacket. 

Casey Becker’s White Jumper in Scream: I know this may seem like an odd one, but I have always loved this jumper for some strange reason. I think it always looks warm and cosy even though you know what the outcome is for the character, which is a very twisted but clever element that Wes Craven and the costume department came up with. 

Jordan Baker’s Party Dress in The Great Gatsby: Lots of people didn’t like the film, but I loved it and will continuously watch it, because of the beauty in which the world of the film shows. Especially within its clothes. And an outfit for me that stands out is the one in which Jordan wears at the party where we meet Gatsby for the first time. I even tried to recreate it for my own 1920s themed party aha! 

Katniss’ Wedding Dress and Effie’s Butterfly Outfit in The Hunger Games - Catching Fire: This dress is just stunning. I was gobsmacked when I first heard it was her wedding dress and will never forget the chills in which this gave me. As for Effie, that woman is the most amazing and most beautiful creature on earth and her outfits reflect that, especially the wild butterfly piece in which she wore in the film. 

Ryan Gosling’s Jacket in Drive: I want this jacket so much! I have seen it online, and I may just have to invest in it, because it is one of the most amazing pieces I have ever seen within film history. If someone wears it or owns one you automatically know where that piece has come from and I don’t think the film world will ever forget it, as it gives Ryan Gosling his identity. 

Elle Woods Pink Leather Outfit in Legally Blonde: I am not afraid to say this film is one of my favourites and I absolutely love the outfit in which Elle Wood’s arrives in to university. It always makes me smile and I think if an outfit can do that, then it is always a winner! 

And there you have it lovelies! I could go on a lot more and speak about so many more, but these were the outfits that came to mind when I first thought about this post. There is nothing and I mean nothing like an iconic outfit, that makes us all want to become those characters *Cough 2015 Cinderella Cough* and when I look at all the films that have been made, I think that element will always have to be involved when making it lovelies. 

What costumes are your favourite lovelies? Let me know, as I would love to hear from you all about them. 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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