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There are many films that pull at the hearts of the audience watching them, but many of them are showing the stories of people and characters that are not real. So when faced with a daughter allowing the camera to follow the real life story of her relationship with her family, most especially her mother and father, it is emotionally charged biopic, which is what you find in ‘The Closer We Get’. 

Directed and following, Karen Guthrie, the film sees her seeking the answers to the family problems and issues she has had other the year, while discovering secrets and elements to her life in which she didn’t know about. The film is a very raw inside look at the creative genius’ world and her way of presenting her family is done with such a delicate manner that the heart is definitely challenged during viewing. 

There are continuously key elements within the film that will shock audiences, including the moments in which Kathie reveals her fears for the future and the other family in which her father had, but Kathie has made it so that the audience doesn’t feel anything evil about those within it. Her reactions are what allow audiences to open up, especially when she meets her father’s wife and the way in which she handles that situation. 

Her relationship with her mother is the core part of the film, and you have this sense throughout, even when the focus turns to her father. Her mother is the hidden strength within it and even though she is sadly ill, her mother has the most power throughout, which is especially key in the scene, in which happens towards the end of the film, where he aim is to make her daughter laugh. 

She is the reason that the filmmaker has made this film and you can see that. Her daughter’s answers are not only for her own personal feelings, but also that of her mothers and her strength in those times is a likable and interesting idea to follow.

Her use of camera shots and skills are also important to this, as she has made it seem as though her lens is the audience. Her shots are framed and mapped out to make it seem as though you are sat in the room with her, experiencing everything in which she has, and feeling the same emotions in which she must have had at that time. 

It is a clever idea by the director, as it really makes her work stand out, especially the way in which she has captured the relationships within the documentary film. Her life is mapped out as though you are guiding her through everything, her emotions and feelings are not hidden from you. She truly wants you to know about her and what she is going through. There is no hate, no violence, just pure love for the two people in which brought her up and the new family in which she has grown to know about within the film. 

Therefore as an audience viewer, who is very close to her own mother, the film is an interesting look at the way in which a family dynamic can be strong no matter what. The strength from every member of the family, especially that of Kathie is why this film will do so well with audiences, as she makes you feel like a fly on the wall, with no emotions or feelings held back, give viewers an honesty that many filmmakers lack and this is why it is such a key film to watch. 

Which is why this film has gotten…

5 Stars

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Joey X

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