Good Evening Lovelies, 

And how are you all? I know it is super late but this news cannot wait lovelies, because it is the biggest news of the week in the film world, as the winners of the 2015 London Film Festival have been announced this evening! 

With this news coming in before the big celebrations tomorrow, I hope you are all as happy as I am with the winners lovelies and use this new information to get ready to party tomorrow aha!

Congratulations to all of these amazing winners…

Official Competition: Best Film 2015 Winner: ‘Chevalier’, Created By Athina Rachel Tsangari

Jury member, Pawel Pawlikowski said “Chevalier is a study of male antagonism seen through the eyes of a brave and original filmmaker. With great formal rigour and irresistible wit, Athena Rachel Tsangari has managed to make a film that is both a hilarious comedy and a deeply disturbing statement on the condition of western humanity”.

First Feature Competition: Sutherland Award 2015 Winner: Robert Eggers for ‘The Witch’

Desiree Akhavan said “This year’s Sutherland Award nominees were a bold group of beautifully crafted first features.  Of the nominated films, one stood apart as the announcement of a new voice in contemporary cinema. A horror film that felt as though it were reinventing the genre with each frame and truly shocking moments that evoke both terror and empathy. With an impressive command of cameras as well as truly heart-breaking performances - it presented a fresh, feminist take on a timeless tale”

As well the jury commended Martin Butler & Bentley Dean’s ‘Tanna’ saying “It’s a rare skill to give a voice to a typically marginalized community that doesn’t condescend or patronize and for this reason the jury would like to give special mention to Tanna”.

Documentary Competition: Grierson Award 2015 Winner: ‘Sherpa’ Created By Jennifer Peedom

The jury said “We are taken into the lives, homes and families of the Sherpas, who have for too long been overlooked and exploited, dependent for their livelihoods on an increasing number of tourists who sometimes regard them as little more than owned slaves. We’re left with an appreciation of the sacrifices the Sherpa community have made for over 6 decades.  We applaud this impressive film for giving voice to a previously voiceless community, and we hope it reaches the wide, general audience that it deserves”.

Short Film Competition: Best Short Film Award 2015 Winner: ‘An Old Dog's Diary' Created By Shai Heredia and Shumona Goel

Speaking about the award, Daisy Jacob, jury president said “An Old Dog’s Diary is as poetic and soulful as its subject. It offers a fresh and original way of documenting the life of an artist. It looks beautiful, sounds beautiful, but, more than that, it tells us about the beauty of the human spirit.”

BFI Fellowship 2015 Winner: Cate Blanchett 

All very well deserved winners! Congrats to each and every one of them! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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