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I hope you are all well! I am so so sorry for the delay in posts today! I have been getting so much university stuff done, that I lost track of time! Hopefully though with all I have been doing, everything will be sorted by Monday and it will all go back to normal aha! 

And we can celebrate in the world’s first beer bakery lovely, which has been opened by Tom and Henry, from The Fabulous Baker Brothers. Made to complement beer, the new beer and bread share bakery has opened up in Hackney in London lovelies, to help celebrate the nation’s love of beer!

Creating six new recipes, including a Spelt and Barley Pineapple Soda Bread packed with chunks of pineapple matching the flavour of Stella Artois, a Blond Sourdough made with a hint of malt and stone baked for a beautiful crust to bring the classic flavours of Leffe Blond alive, a Spiced Orange and Coriander All Butter Brioche infused with nutmeg and cloves for those with a sweeter tooth, based on the Hoegaarden beer, a Sea Salt and Lime Encrusted Cornbread, inspired by the fresh flavours of Corona, a Bud Tiger Bread inspired by the All-American classic Budweiser, an Apple, Walnut, Barley and Malted Wheat Seeded Loaf perfect for that British staple, ‘The Ploughman’s sandwich’, and a cold glass of Beck’s Vier, the bakery has something for everyone.

Speaking about the launch, Tom Herbert of The Fabulous Baker Brothers said: “Beer and breads share a natural history that dates back as far as 6,000BC. As passionate bakers – and beer drinkers – we were immediately excited to be part of The Beer Bakery. We can’t wait to hear what the public think of the beer bread range; hopefully they are tempted to raise a glass and also have a go at baking themselves.”

While, Hugo Anderson, Brewmaster at AB InBev said: “I have been in the industry over 36 years and I still marvel at the beauty of beer. Just a few natural ingredients – barley, yeast, hops and water – and you can make a vast array of wonderful tasting beers, each with its own individual, subtle flavour. This is the same with bread. Beer and bread really are a naturally perfect match.”

Each bread costs between £3.00 and £3.50 lovelies and comes with the beers in which they are meant to be served with! Enjoy! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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