Hey Lovelies, 

With a title like it has, you would imagine that ‘Ruby Strangelove’ is going to be a sweet film, however I could not have been more wrong and what I found was a dark thriller film that will leave you feeling scared this Halloween! 

It is definitely not an original plot and the film follows a lot of the same traits as other ones have done before, but the good thing about this is the innocence in which you see in Ruby and the way in which she loses it. As a viewer it shocks you how much she changes and you can’t handle it, because her performance is haunting. 

However the rest of the cast are not as convincing and they can be a little over the top at moments in which they don’t need to be, which does spoilt the haunting atmosphere. Yet the script in which they have is able to fix it lovelies. 

Therefore Ruby Sweetlove has earned this…

3 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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