Hey Lovelies, 

There is one animal I love a lot and that is dogs! However I wasn’t sure what to expect from a film in which the dog was a robot, which was what I was faced with in the new film, ‘Robo-dog’ lovelies. Here is what I thought about the film. 

Each character and the story in which they face seems to have been created to allow audiences to get a sense of innocence within the story, that famous films from the 90s did a lot, however they are unable to make the story flow and their for this time around, the films have used a structure in which doesn’t work. 

It is as if the creators have tried to reunite audiences with the old films that they loved so much, but due to the way in which the film is described and then presented, it fails at doing so. No actor or actress seems to enjoy their time on screen and therefore it just doesn’t click. 

Which is why I am giving the film…

2 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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