Hey Lovelies,

With the rugby world cup leaving a joy in everyone’s hearts, it is time in which we all celebrated it with a special film, that has united the world of sports and team support with talking dogs and cute puppy’s, because today marks the release of ‘Pups United’ and I had a little watch to see what it was like. 

Following a group of kids and their dogs, the film sees the two teams battling to win the ultimate title, as they seek to win the kids world cup. However the film drifts into a different world, as the dogs become the main feature within it due to their fighting spirit. Throughout though, while the film is a fun way to get kids into sport, it doesn’t make for a lot of fun in an adults world. 

The animals taking over mean that any sense of ordinary and expected viewing is thrown out the window, and while this is fun for the kids who will be watching it, it does make it go on a completely different path that adult audiences will not be interested in watching. 

Therefore I am giving the film…

2 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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