Hey Lovelies,

Growing up I spent many nights with my mum and dad watching ‘New Tricks’, however over the past couple of years we haven’t watched it as much as we have done before and so when I was asked to review the new series, I was interested to see how it had changed. 

With many of the familiar faces now not in the show, the series has been revamped to new levels with new cast members and bigger investigations. However it didn’t add a lot of interest to the viewer, as the cast didn’t have the famous click in which the other series had. 

The whole gang didn’t have the comedic feel in which the old team had and because of this it didn’t make audiences want to watch on. Although I do have to say this element could have been because it is the last ever series for the show and therefore the distance between them plays out what is to come at the end of it. 

After so many years the show will continue to live on with its earlier series, but this one does not feel like the one that everyone will remember. There is sure to be highlights from it, but it is going to be the old team that will get people reminiscing about the show instead of this new series. 

Therefore I am giving it…

3 Stars 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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