Hey Lovelies,

This week’s film works took a lot of thinking lovely and it became quite hard for me to think up a place, but then it clicked and I knew that I had to talk about the place in which many will be visiting over the next week! The London Dungeons! 

A few years ago my best friend Dee and me decided to get moving and go and explore our spooky sides at the establishment. While there I became obsessed with the world in which I had fallen in love with, which is the horror world and the depths of the characters within it. 

The attraction is everything you could hope for and more in a building. However I don't know what the other one was like to compare. There was something about this new one though that oozes scariness. It has so much within it that makes you fall in love with it and the elements and events in which you see within it are great for the whole family. 

Weirdly I am very interested in the world of Jack the Ripper so when you see that element of the attraction you automatically know what it is that you have to expect but it is so much more that that once it gets going and even my friend Dee and me were terrified by it lovelies because it is just so compelling. 

There is of course over reasons to go to the building. One being that it is just something that everyone must do in their lifetimes. There is no way in which the building and themes cannot be done and seeing as it is the scariest time of the year, it is a great chance to go now when it will be in all it's glory. 

Overall though what I really wanted to say thank you for and congratulate the company on was the great way in which London Dungeons has made an everlasting memory for me and my best friend. It is a day in which I will never ever forget! 

Thank You London Dungeons!!!

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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