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I didn’t have to think hard this week about the company in which I wanted to feature in this weeks film works post, as I was thinking about them for a long time. As someone who is obsessed with the magazine and has been lucky enough to do work experience with them, I wanted to take this moment to thank Empire magazine.

Since I started studying film in Sixth Form, I have made sure that at the start of each month I have the latest copy within my grasp. To me it is like the bible of films and I find myself turning to it a lot when I want to see the thoughts of those who have seen the film, as I have a lot of faith within them to tell me the truth. Even though we may not agree at times.

I was amazed a few years ago in fact when I was allowed to spend two weeks of my summer with the magazine, as I completed a work experience placement with them. From the moment I arrived I was thrown into the exciting world of film in which I loved and got to meet some of the best film writers that are out there including my hero Helen O’Hara, who I admire a lot.

Those two weeks really made me want to be a film journalist even more and for me it was as though the world was set in stone during those two weeks. In fact when I left I was so sad, I think I went home to bed aha, because I honestly didn’t want to leave the company.

There is something magical about it and the way in which they feel about film, that even if you don’t like it or aren’t enthusiastic about it, I feel as though if you met the team or even just flicked through the magazine, you would become excited about it, because they know how to write about them in a way that makes your heart jump with excitement.

During my time at the magazine, I learnt things that have helped me understand the company and the way in which film journalism works, that I hope I can use in the next couple of years when I look for jobs. I was taught how to write reviews, speak to people and apply for positions within the company that I would love to work for and for me that was the most amazing element, because they told me the best ways to find work, which is key when you are starting out lovelies.

Overall lovelies I am obsessed with the magazine and the issues and matters in which they have taught me. They have fuelled my love for the film world even more and I am so thankful to the team for allowing me to have the two weeks in which I did have with them over the summer a few years ago.

If you are starting out lovelies or need something to refuel your love of film then I would definitely suggest Empire as the magazine lovelies, because they are amazing! THANK YOU EMPIRE!

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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