Hey Lovelies, 

This week's film works was a bit of an easy choice to look at lovelies, because I realised just how amazing this company and publication truly is and the way in which it has helped my career is amazing! 

A few months ago as part of my university course, I did a placement at Yahoo Movies UK. During my time there I learnt so much about how the world of journalism is ran and the way in which a company handles there publications. 

There was a moment during my time there in fact that really made me want to stick at the blogging and film journalism dreams I have, because I actually saw them come to life. I witnessed my work and my name be published on a website and there is no feeling like that. It was incredible lovelies and it would never have happened without the team at Yahoo! 

They put their trust in me from the moment I arrived and made sure that I was writing and getting my voice and knowledge out there, which was amazing to see. I had never been trusted like this before away from the blog and to be allowed to do it on the biggest film website in the world was unreal lovelies. 

As well as this it all came down to the team, who have continued to be a huge support to me and my work. There was a moment in which myself and a team member were discussing female critics and I saw the passion in which they felt for them, which made me so happy to see. 

When it comes to looking at my CV, I am proud to say I have worked for them and the way in which they have helped me better my writing and skills will forever stay with me. While I was only there for a week, it was a week in which I will never forget, which is why I wanted to say a huge thank you to them with this post. 

I can't thank the team enough for the help they gave me, so I hope that this post will be able to thank them for it all in a better way aha! I am so thankful to the whole team and for all of the things they did for me. 

Thank You Yahoo Movies UK!!!

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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