Hey Lovelies, 

Last week I told you all about the brand new bars of chocolate that Cadbury’s have created, called Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Smashables, and after mentioning them I wanted to see what they were really like and how good of a cinema treat would they truly be lovelies! And believe me they would be good! 

With two flavours available including Jelly Popping Candy and the brand new Rocky Mallow Road, the chocolate bars are big and feel a bit heavier compared to the normal bars. This is a huge benefit, as it means that there is a lot more to share around, which if you do take it to the cinema, it means that there is more for you lovelies to enjoy between you. 

Starting with the Jelly Popping Candy flavour, I opened it to discover that the product had already broken up a bit. But this could be because it was sent to me in the post lovelies. It didn’t stop the product from being amazing though lovelies, as the item broke up in the pattern in which it was intended to be broken up. The product was a lot thicker than the original bar as well, meaning that the bites were a lot more enjoyable and the popping candy was like an explosion in the mouth. 

I decided to continue on with the task and see if the new Rocky Mallow Road would be solid, so that I could smash it lovelies aha! Unfortunately it was broken as well, but there was one huge different when I opened this one compared to the past bar. Upon opening the packaging I was welcomed by the most incredible smell. 

It was like the strawberry gummy sweets in which Haribo have created for years, mixed with marshmallows and biscuits. In fact it was such a nice sweet smell that I wanted to bottle it up and I am not joking when I say that lovelies. If I was in the cinema and someone opened this in front of me, I would have to lean over and have a really big sniff of it lovelies aha, because it is honestly like a dream scent. 

With the new flavour I wanted to taste test it on someone who wasn’t sure what it was about lovelies, so I asked my taste tester mother aha, to try the flavour. Not telling her what it was, she was quick to state that it was as sweet as it smelled, and that she really got the strawberry flavour within the chocolate, which could have been lost in something like this. As a savoury fan, she really enjoyed the biscuit element to the product as well lovelies. 

Therefore the treat is definitely a good idea for the cinema, as it splits up perfectly meaning there is less mess and more fun, plus with the introduction of the sweet new flavour there is something for everyone now, when you mix it with the classic Jelly Popping Candy one. 

I think the product would be a really good idea for Christmas too lovelies and those lazy Sunday nights in front of the TV! We just need a plain Cadbury’s version of the bar and we will have perfection! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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