Hey Lovelies, 

After months of hearing about the new musical ‘Beautiful: The Carole King Story’, I am now desperate to catch it on the big stage, but before I do I thought it would be a good idea to go back to the start and watch the film, which I was asked very nicely if I would like to review. 

Following the star from her childhood until she is a well-known face, the film shows the turmoil and truths that came with Carole King’s success and as an audience knowing where the words and music came from to create some of the most famous music around the world is incredible. There is a feeling within you that feels like you are being allowed to know something you shouldn’t. 

Throughout the film the acting is incredible and everyone who stars in it makes you want to watch on, but the true beauty of it is in fact the music. There are so many pieces within it that you know that you want to watch on not only for the acting but because of the amazing ways in which they have made the music fit in with each scene and shown you the strength in which King had when producing those pieces. 

Therefore the film is an amazing piece to watch that has made me only more determined to see the musical on stage as well, as it allowed viewers to get to grips with the story on screen, as well as learn how the music was created, meaning you feel more appreciative about it. 

This is why I am giving the film…

5 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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