Good Morning Lovelies, 

And how are all of you lovelies? I hope you are all well and getting that Friday feeling, because it has definitely reached my lovelies aha! I am ready to spend the weekend, relaxing and chilling like a villain! 

Enjoying lots of new shows and films, including the new pieces on UKTV as they introduce a brand new ‘Most Haunted Live on Halloween’ with Rylan Clarke and more lovelies on Really, in the lead up to the big day. 

The channel will also be spooking us all with a new series of ‘Ghost Adventures’, while Watch will be scaring us with drama ‘Grimm’ lovelies, as they welcome season five to the channel.  However don’t worry because not every channel is trying to scare us lovelies!

On Dave, the brilliant, ‘Alan Davies As Yet Untitled’ will be arriving, while on Good Food Rachel Allen returns with ‘Rachel’s Coastal Cooking’, and on a number of channels the season finales of ‘Bull’, ‘Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries’, ‘Code Black’, ‘Money Pit’, ‘Honey I Bought The House’, ‘Legends of Stand-Up’, ‘Humble Pie’ and ‘History’s Ultimate Spies’ will be shown.

What will you lovelies be watching this weekend? 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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