Hey Lovelies, 

I am currently running around London and enjoying my lecture which makes my Friday’s lovelies! And I mean that! I love fashion journalism and each week, these posts are inspired by what I am doing within those lessons. 

It is in fact where the inspiration for this week’s #FILMFRIDAYFASHION post came from, as someone at university read the post and commented an idea that I thought I would create because it sounded like a great and fun thing to do. 

After looking at the best outfits from my favourite films, I thought it would be cool to look at the favourite outfits that have come from my favourite TV shows lovelies! I hope you all enjoy it…

Blair’s Wedding Dress in Gossip Girl: In the last season of the show Blair gets married in the most beautiful wedding dress. Completely different to the norm, the pastel blue gown makes the city of New York come alive. 

Carrie’s Tutu in Sex and the City: While her shoe collection is one to die for, the tutu in the opening credits is the most amazing outfit. It highlights Carrie’s innocence even though she is writing a very saucy post aha! 

Chandler’s Jumpers in Friends: As a huge fan of ‘Friends’, I am obsessed with the 90s fashions within it, but overall the best items have to be Chandler’s cosy sweatshirts that remind you of spring, autumn and winter all at once. 

Stella’s Blouse in The Fall: There is no one who wears a shirt like Stella in the fall. Oozing power from the first episode as she steps onto the show, the shirt is her defence and it is a powerful fashion piece because of it. 

Jessa’s Dresses in Girls: With her outrageous life come the incredible clothes to go with it and within Jessa’s dream wardrobe, you find majestic gowns and outfits that are an iconic look on TV and on the catwalk. 

Leslie Knope’s Power Suit in Parks and Recreation: If there is anyone who can help you every day of your life it is Leslie and with her power suits reflecting her role, there is no one else’s advice I would rather listen to. 

Each of these characters has clothes that I wish I owned and I will continue to dream about them in the future, as I look for similar pieces for my wardrobe! What TV characters wardrobe do you wish you had lovelies? Let me know below or on the blog’s social media pages lovelies! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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