Hey Lovelies, 

Having not heard anything about this film, I was interested to see how ‘Paper Planes’ was going to play out on screen! And it was a huge success in our home! 

The film follows a young boy and his father, as he competes to win the ultimate title at the Paper Planes world cup. While it may seem like a strange plot, the film was a joy to watch, as it tackled something different. There was a continuing message of hope within it, that made you want to watch until the end and find out if the boy was going to succeed on his journey and bring his father back to life. 

It is a film in which any age could watch and enjoy, and with some big stars in it, including Sam Worthington, it definitely should have been promoted more and given a much higher status, because it is a film that will make the summer continue and will raise spirits during the cold winter months. 

Of course the film has moments that are hard to watch, but the innocence that is portrayed by the young leading figure and the relationships he has in the film, is the key beauty behind this film and the real reason in which to watch and enjoy it. 

Therefore I am giving the film…

4 Stars 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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