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This week’s fashion post has come from the world of a character in which many of us will be saying goodbye to in the next couple of weeks, as Katniss Everdeen makes her last ever appearance on the big screen. 

Since she first made an entrance on screen, her fashion has inspired a collection, fans and brands to take a look out of her book and make it a trend. From the incredible fishtail plat, to the jumpsuits and wedding dresses, her looks have made her a fashion icon for all to enjoy. 

And so I thought I would share with you all my favourite moments from her wardrobe. Or well the ones in which I will be recreating as a sign of mourning lovelies aha…

The Wedding Dress: I don’t know anyone who didn’t love the wedding dress, which was featured within the film. It is pure designer perfection and the person who created it deserved an OSCAR for their talents. 

Her Wetsuit: Never has a film character made a black wetsuit look so good and so fashion forward. It was as though Alexander McQueen’s underwater fashion finally picked up thanks to her outfit. 

Her Jumpsuit: For much of the last film, fans see the star in a grey/brown jumpsuit, that I actually now have a similar one of. Her looks were kept plain in this film, but this jumpsuit started a fashion revolution like the one on screen. 

Her Mockingjay Dress: Any dress that manages to change when you are spinning is perfection in my eyes. Probably however not in the way in which she manages to do it, because fire is not a safe way. But in this film world it is amazing!

Her Blue Pinafore Dress: Everyone will remember this outfit, because it is the first outfit that we really see Katniss in. This dress also sparked the trend and appeal that became Katniss Everdeen.

Her Scarf: After witnessing the snood in the film, I went and brought one from H&M as they looked so snug and Katniss was definitely on the right track with this one lovelies, because it is the best fashion fix to come away from the film.

What fashion moment from Katniss’ wardrobe is your favourite lovelies? There are so many more I could have added and I would love to hear what one stands out for you lovelies! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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