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It has come to that time of the week where I share with you a whole host of reviews and today’s features the new film, ‘A Haunting in Cawdor’ lovelies, which is a brand new horror film, which doesn’t have much horror within it. 

With a few familiar faces, the horror film follows a young woman, as she works to complete her jail sentence by helping at The Cawdor Barn Theatre, where she meets a number of people including Lawrence O'Neil who runs the theatre and is worried about the way in which it is going. However upon the young woman’s return strange things start to happen and the horror in which is meant to be scary within the film begins. 

The acting within the film is not believable and the performances given are weak due to the way in which they don’t seem to be interested by the action and stories in which they are supposed to be portraying on screen. Each actor and actress seems to be working to get away from their characters instead of trying to connect with them. 

And while it is mostly down to performance, the lack of story and a weak script also doesn’t help to provide the film with the strength in which it needs. The script continuously feels like the film has been flowing along and then they thought they best put in a moment that should have scared the viewers, yet it failed to do so. 

Therefore because of this, I am giving the film…

1 Star

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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