Hey Lovelies,

As part of my journalism course this year, I will be doing something new on the blog and speaking about how much the fashion industry influences the world of film. From looking at how you can wear the clothes in which some of your favourite characters wear or what are my favourite pieces from the films and TV shows in which I have seen this week. Plus any exciting items in which I have seen that are great for film fans!

For our first week lovelies, I wanted to go back to the idea about the ways in which costumes make us feel something special. After last night’s exhibition, I am still trying to get over the beauty of the fashion in which I saw and one item that stands out to me is the outfit from Sunny Afternoon. The London musical about the band The Kinks, in which I witnessed on my birthday.

Seeing that outfit up front, made me really think back to the memories I have of that day and the joy in which I experienced that day. And this made me think lovelies, can an outfit hold a memory in the world? Of course it can!

From the musical outfit, to the ‘Titanic’ costumes, I could think of a memory for each one. Such as the days spent lying on the sofa lusting over Leonardo DiCaprio with my best friend Dee, to the Wicked outfits, which reminded me of the fun I had at the musical with my best friend Issy. There was something special about witnessing the ‘Only Fools and Horses’ funny outfits, as I remember sitting with my brothers watching them do the stupid and funny things in which they did.

There is nothing like a memory, especially a happy one, that will make your day brighter and even though I spent only a few moments with the clothes and the designs I felt lighter walking out of the building. I had been flooded with the ways in which these clothes had affected me and the people behind them should feel proud that their clothes are making these remarkable reactions, because they are all such incredible and enjoyable emotions.

I would love to see the fashion world make a catwalk on the costumes on which we have seen. Maybe take the outfits and twist them around a bit to give them their own feel, such as the shoot in which Tim Burton did with the fashion world. His crazy characters coming to life with clothes.

It would be an interesting thing to witness and while not new, it would be something done to watch lovelies and something done to show a passion and love, which we really need lovelies in this world!

I promise that there will be more to this as it goes on lovelies, but I hope that you all enjoy this new element and let me know what you would like to enjoy lovelies! I would love to know how the film world and fashion world interacts for you lovelies!

Blog Soon,
Joey X
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