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A few weeks ago I was asked if I would like to review a series of classic TV shows, many of which that were detective pieces, and I jumped at the chance to see them, because I knew that these pieces would be influencing the shows in which are on our screens today. 

Here are my thoughts and reviews on them lovelies…

Chandler and Co. Review:

Girl power definitely shines through in the classic series of ‘Chandler and Co.’, as the two female leads manage to show audiences the fun ways in which you can solve crimes. Together they are a power team that has obviously influenced so many future projects. 

Following Dee Chandler Tate and her ex sister in law, the show follows the pair as they work with a private agency to try and solve crimes that have been affecting the place in which their live, as well as their personal lives. 

It is a series in which many will watch and see familiar faces in roles that were built for them and with such a dynamic team in fact, the show could definitely have lasted longer than others, as it was working with something that is very much important to the shows and TV features in which are being screened today.

Therefore I am giving the show…

4 Stars

A Picture of Katherine Mansfield Review:

As someone who didn’t know anything about the short stories author, Katherine Mansfield’, this show taught me a lot about her in a very short amount of time. The show is a autobiographical piece that will allow all audiences to leanr something about the figure. 

With amazing performances from Vanessa Redgrave, who plays the famous figure, the story of the woman who many have only experience through her words is a strong and powerful piece that would have launched Redgrave’s career high if she wasn’t already so famous. Her performance is incredible and provides a new depth to a figure in which many will leave wanting to know more about. 

The shows 1970s vibe also makes the Victorian era in which it is based in stand out and when audiences see the way in which the two worlds are subconsciously mixed, it will show them the true magic in which it has created. 

This is why I am giving the show…

4 Stars

The Locksmith Review:

Starring Warren Clarke in the lead role, ‘The Locksmith’ is a key piece and figure as to why he went on to become one of the most successful detectives on TV lovelies, as he manages to shine in this six part drama before taking on the future role that many know him for. 

Playing a locksmith in the show, his character must help his ex-wife after she is nearly killed when a robbery takes place at their home. However by helping her, he finds his own life is put in danger and the show becomes an intense cat and mouse chase. 

The acting is superb and Clarke definitely shines in this performance, making it easy to see how he went on to be in one of the most successful shows of all time. It feels as though each episode is a test for his future role and in each one he succeeds more and more. 

Therefore I am giving it…

5 Stars

Lazarus and Dingwall Review:

While the other shows have provided fans with serious and intense detective pieces, this show manages to provide two new figures who are able to provide a very comical performance that will make you want to watch on to see what they do wrong next. 

Faced with very different characters then the previous shows, the two male figures in this show are brought forward to meet and solve the crimes of a stuntman, art and corpses that are all not what they seem by the end of each episode. 

There is a moment within each show where you think you have solved the crimes and who has done it, but with the two male figures changing paths and twists occurring often to add the laughs, it is never what you expect. 

This is why I am giving the show…

3 Stars

An Englishman’s Castle Review:

The final show in which I watched starred some huge names from the world of TV and film, as they told the story of a writer who is working on a soap opera piece during World War II that features a number of elements in which many will not be expecting to hear or see during the times. 

It is definitely a different piece to the others and throughout while there was a war setting and moments that could be upsetting to some, the show does try to contain itself and provide the laughs for the audience watching, as it shows the ways in which soap operas are developed. It feels as though many future writers took inspiration from this show, as the elements in which they discuss are still used today. 

Therefore I am giving it…

5 Stars 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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