Hey Lovelies,

As a huge fan of quirky horror films and ones that have a bit of a difference to them, I was excited to see what ‘Burying the Ex’ would bring to my screen, however after the first five minutes I could not get over the cheesiness of it. 

There are a number of familiar faces within the film, that you know can act and act well, but within this film their characters get on your nerves and the ridiculously silly plot makes it a boring and annoying piece instead. 

When the figure refuses to dump his girlfriend and then is left feeling guilty when she is killed, you don’t fill for him, because the character is not allowing audiences in and is instead just given them a step by step feel of his life, which is not wanted. 

And the same goes for his girlfriend, who is made to be weak, when in fact she should be the leading female and giving audiences a powerful inside look into her character’s life. 

Therefore because of this I am dumping this film with this…

1 Star

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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