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We have had a bit of a busy day with release news, but this release news brought with it a great chance and an interview in which I am so happy about lovelies, as I spoke to Ashleigh and Pudsey, about their new live performance DVD of the hit panto, ‘Dick Whittington’!

The film will be out very soon lovelies and I hope that this will get you all prepared for panto season lovelies…

How did you come about starring in Dick Whittington?
Well, that’s a good question I haven’t had that one before. Well we have done Dick Whittington for three years now – the first year the first family approached us asking do you want to be part of the panto. And I said yeah, I love panto. And I’ve always wanted to be part of one. Um. so I said yes straight away and they decided that Dick Whittington because of obviously Dick having his cat it would be cool that Alice had her dog. So, it fitted nicely together.

Is there a scene within the show that always makes you smile? Or one in which we should look out for?
It’s a good question, I’ve never thought about this. I loved my opening scene because I share the opening song with Brenda, so that’s always a really really good fun one to do opening the show.  Brenda plays the fairy – so that was good fun. And I also loved working alongside Ben who plays Dick Whittington. And we have a love duet together and we just got on really well and I loved it doing it together. So those two.

How did Pudsey find his new role within the show?
Well Pudsey played Pudsey really, and all he really did was a routine and a couple of his tricks so it wasn’t anything different from what he usually does. But he loves panto, it’s a live audience and he loves performing with people who can cheer for him and stuff like that. So yeah, I think he loves it.

What was it like working with the rest of the cast on the show?
Well, like I said I’ve been doing it for three years, so I’ve had a new cast every year. I’ve worked with Mr Bloom for two of those years so that was great fun. And I think what really makes a panto is your cast. If you can have a laugh with them then it really does come across to the audience. So, yeah I would say one of the main things that is going to make a  panto is how much fun you have.

Audiences don’t always get to relive the great shows they see on stage, why do you think this one is bring released on DVD? I think it is a brilliant idea by the way.
I think it’s’ really special it’s got a bit of everything in it, I don’t know any pantos that have any dogs in it. It’s completely different you have Brenda who is a fantastic singer, you’ve got Pudsey who is a brilliant dancer, you’ve got Mr Bloom for the younger generation and then Eric Potts who plays Sarah the cook is just hilarious – so there really is something for everyone.  And like you said not everyone can relive panto whereas with this you can watch it all year round.

What do you think it is about pantomimes that make them so special at Christmas?
It’s a tradition isn’t it? I remember years ago watching panto with my Nan and it’s just got that Christmassy feel about it and it’s just something to do with the whole family. Especially when kids are on holiday and it’s like oh my god what shall we do? Panto is there. And, like I said earlier there is something for everyone of all ages and genders.

Have you got a favourite pantomime that you always look forward to seeing at Christmas time?
Cinderella is definitely my favourite; I think every girl wants to play Cinderella which I get to do that this year. It will open up beginning of December.

Finally after starring in this show, will you be appearing in more this year?
Next year we will be doing a live stage show and it will be touring around the UK. It will be aimed towards families and it is called Mission Impudseyble, something different again something that hasn’t been seen before.

I am so ready for the Christmas period now lovelies! Thank you so much Ashleigh and Pudsey for speaking to me!

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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