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I haven’t watched much of ‘Arrow’ before, and I am yet to finish this season, but I wanted to review ‘Arrow’ Season Three for you lovelies, because I know that it is a huge element in the world of superheroes and a lot of you lovelies lives! 

From the beginning of season three, the action and pace of it is set and it is incredibly fast paced and joyful to watch. As someone who took a while to get into the series at the beginning, this season really sets itself apart from the others, as it shows the aftermath of Slade’s defeat and the way in which Oliver and the team deal with it and the consequences it causes. 

The show is definitely proving itself to audiences and while I am basing this review on my first reactions to the season, the show definitely manages to provide audiences with enough talent to make sure they stay watching, as Stephen Amell works hard to show them the true excellence he has at playing Arrow. 

As do the rest of the cast throughout the season, as they work together to prove that they can defeat those in which are threatening them. It feels as though the action is really happening and the difference in the ways in which each character has their moment is brilliant.

The writers have in fact allowed each character to show the problems that are not only threatening those within the show, but also the audiences, as they show problems in which the world is facing by subconscious messaging. 

However it does lack something, as it repeats some of the same problems that the characters faced in the first episodes in the start of the new season, which would have been something in which the writers could have avoided. It would have been good to see the comics focused in on more within the show. 

Therefore while I still have a lot of episodes to go, from my first viewing of the show, I am going to give it…

4 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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