Hey Lovelies, 

From one new film to another lovelies, as I have the first exciting new look at the brand new film ‘The 33’ lovelies, which will take us all back in time! 

Starring Antonio Banderas and Juliette Binoche, the film tells the real life story of the 2010 event that saw 33 miners in Chile be rescued, after a gold and copper mine collapses, burying them alive for 69 days underground.  With the world watching, the film follows the international team that worked hard to save them and the families and friends who gathered around to see if they would be saved. 

With over 200 untold and never before seen personal journeys unravelling on screen, the film shows all sides to the real-life operation and the magic of the human spirit that affected everyone around the world. 

The film is due out on the 29th January lovelies, but you can watch the trailer for it here…

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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