Hey Lovelies,

Sorry for the little delay lovelies, I have been doing a few family things and I was saying happy birthday to my Niece, but I am back now lovelies!

Starting with this news from Metrodome, who have announced that they will be releasing 'Sunset Song' in cinemas on the 4th December! You should definitely catch it lovelies before it is released on the 4th April on DVD and Blu-ray!

Starring Agyness Deyn, Peter Mullan and Kevin Guthrie, the film will be shown at the TIFF and tells a fresh new story about the war. So look out for it soon lovelies!

As well as this, Arrow Films have announced that they will be releasing 'The Physician' on Monday the 5th October! Based on the best-selling book, the film follows a barber and the person who trained him, so look out for more news on it soon.

And on the 4th September in cinemas and on demand and on the 14th September on DVD, the film 'The Krays - Kill Order' will be out, and I have the brand new trailer for you all to enjoy here...

Also announced today by Acorn Label, the brand new comedy from Matt Lucas, ‘Pompidou’, will be coming out on DVD from the 12th October lovelies! 

Starring Matt, Julian Dutton, Alex Macqueen and Ashley Blaker, the show follows Pompidou, a lovable aristocrat, who is living in an old caravan with his best friend and butler, Hove, and his dog, after losing all of his money. Struggling to come to terms with it, he decides to try and win the lottery, look for antiques to sell, go on blind dates and sell items at jumble sale. 

The show is definitely one to watch lovelies! 

Finally I have the biggest piece of release news to share with you lovelies, which is from Universal UK, who have announced that they will be releasing 'Terminator Genisys' on DVD, Blu-Ray 3D and Blu-Ray on the 2nd November!

And with this new release I can reveal that they have added a ton of special features for you to enjoy including behind the scenes featurettes, inside looks and a look at the special effects.

Look out for all of it very soon lovelies!

Joey X

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