Hey Lovelies, 

Now this is an interesting piece of release news lovelies, because I don’t think I have ever featured anything like this before on the blog, at least for a DVD release I think and it is definitely something that I would love to feature more of! 

Because this morning, a new documentary has been announced which follows the young people in Britain during 1988, when Margaret Thatcher was in power, the clubs were changing and punk was ruined. Life seemed to be boring, until a trip to Ibiza, new Euro-pop records were released and a drug was discovered causing Acid House to be born. 

A movement that scared many with the way it took over the country and in this new documentary called ‘They Call It Acid’, those involved within the movement are speaking out about it. However here comes the difference, as the documentary is marking its release with a crowd-funding project on Indiegogo over the next 60 days lovelies, in which they will be selling their film for £15 on there, as well as exclusive items and offers lovelies! 

To find out more or to buy the documentary just click here lovelies: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/they-call-it-acid-european-dvd#/story and enjoy! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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