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It is all about TV shows this morning lovelies it would seem, as I have some brand new news to share with you from Sky 1 now lovelies and get ready to hear, feel and breath the music with their new show ‘Bring the Noise’! 

With Kaiser Chief’s lead singer Ricky Wilson set to host it and Nicole Scherzinger and Tinie Tempah as the shows team captains, alongside comedian Katherine Ryan who will be a regular panellist on it, the show will air mid-week and will feature some huge guests and songs that will keep us all happy during the winter lovelies. 

Based in sets that look like famous music venues, the audience and you lovelies at home, will get to see the guests and a house band, who will be joined by some surprising faces, play in teams of three with their captains, as they take part in quizzes, games and a number of spoof’s. 

Speaking about the new show, Adam MacDonald, Director of Sky 1, commented: “This is a truly unique format with top quality music guests at its heart. It continues our commitment to ambitious, new, fresh entertainment that viewers can only experience on Sky 1. I’m thrilled that Ricky is joining us as host in an all-time first for him. To also welcome Nicole back to UK screens and to be the format that tempts a man of Tinie’s calibre, while uncovering Katherine Ryan’s extraordinary comedic musical talent, is fantastic. The mix of music, comedy and entertainment makes it the must-see family show of the autumn.”

Also speaking about the show, Ricky Wilson said: “Bring the Noise is our new show on Sky 1. Nicole, Tinie and Katherine are all completely brilliant and ridiculous in equal measure. I'm no stranger to music based TV shows with a competitive element, but this is taking music TV to another level. Swing by the off licence, phone for a takeaway, and settle in with Bring the Noise.”

Nicole Scherzinger added: “I’m so happy to be involved in this exciting, new, multi-faceted show – it’s like nothing out there. I’m looking forward to letting loose, sharing some hidden talents and just having some fun!!”

And Tinie Tempah said: “I’m really excited to be working with Nicole, Ricky and Katherine on what I hope will be a really incredible show. I feel like TV has been missing a show like this. Let's bring it!”

As well, Katherine Ryan said: “I can’t wait to unleash my forensic interest in music and pop culture on Sky 1’s Bring The Noise.  It’s my favourite Public Enemy track.  And, when I was seventeen, I sewed my own prom dress, modelled after an outfit Nicole wore on Eden’s Crush.  I’ve been following her career from the beginning and if you’d told me then that I’d be in a room with her now, I’d have thought she was visiting me in hospital.  Also, Tinie Tempah is my favourite rapper and Ricky Wilson is my favourite Kaiser Chief.”

While, Duncan Gray said: "We think viewers will love watching Ricky, Nicole, Tinie and Katherine have laugh out loud fun with their weekly guests.”

I will share more news about the show as I hear it lovelies, so look out for more news soon!

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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