Hey Lovelies, 

I am back at last from working out and I have some event news to share with you lovelies, before I go and get ready for the event I am going to tonight lovelies! Because Warner Bros is going to transform Leicester Square Garden to celebrate the release of ‘PAN’ lovelies! 

On the 19th September from 10am until 6pm, families and members of the public will be able to enjoy the world of Neverland, before the stars take to the red carpet for the premiere of the film. 

The event will see a Pirate training tent be installed, with a pirate school, green screen booth, map and telescope making, face painting, temporary tattoos, as well as a Warrior Tent in which you will be able to learn the drums, panpipes, make a headdress, and explore with colours. While in Tiger Lily’s Kingdom, you will be able to make fairy wings, have a makeover, pan for pixie crystals and have a ton of fun with bubbles. 

However it doesn’t stop there, because the gardens will also host in their hugely colourful tents, the Jolly Roger Stage lovelies, in which all of the day’s activities and live performances will take place. 
If you would like to enjoy this fun filled day with your family lovelies, then you can click here: and use the code PanNeverland, to get complimentary tickets! 

Up, Up and Away lovelies! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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