Hey Lovelies, 

Earlier this morning I received an email from the producer of the short film I am about to review, thanks to my friend Sarah from Cookie N Screen, who passed on my details. I knew how much Sarah was a fan of short films and I always trust her judgement on them, because I know she has a skill for seeking out the good from the bad, so I was interested in watching ‘Wander’ and seeing what it was all about. 

Set in a future land, the film starts in a very dark world that will remind viewers of ‘Game of Thrones’ from the offset. However the film is very different and independent to what it seems like, as it follows one man as he goes on a journey, in which the viewer sees all sides of and the ultimate conclusion in which it leads the audiences to, which is an unexpected element within the film. 

Throughout the actor in the lead role manages to make the audience want to watch on to the end to find out what he is seeking and when it comes to the ultimate conclusion, it is a complete shock for all audiences. While I found the ultimate ending a bit anti-climactic, the shock twist towards it is one that left me questioning what I had seen and I even turned to Sarah for help, because I was completely shocked and I loved it. 

It was as if my heart had sunk, in a horror film kind of way, because it was so unexpected and while you think the character is seeking the return of the one he lost, what you actually get and the redemption he is seeking is so much more thrilling and watchable in a dark way. You will never guess the outcome and that was the best element throughout. You never know what is coming next and you have to watch on to find out more. 

The film is currently being shown at a number of film festivals and it is easy to see why, because it definitely manages to make the viewers want to know more about the intriguing character and the search in which he is on. I could imagine a prequel or sequel to this short, one that could be even darker to the one in which we are witnessing in this one, and it would be a hugely successful element if they did so lovelies, because it is a film that will definitely make you all want to watch more of them. 

Therefore I am giving this short…

4 Stars 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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