Hey Lovelies, 

Can you believe that we are already in September? I will be going back to university for my final year at the end of this month and that is terrifying aha! Does anyone have a film journalism job I can do please aha? I can’t believe that this year is going to be the last year and it is worrying me a little bit, but I refuse to worry too much because I have my monthly favourites to share with you now lovelies and I hope you enjoy them. 

August was a very big month for me and out family and a lot happened within it, even though at times it didn’t seem like much did happen, but I doubt it will be a month in which we will forget about lovelies and I will explain why below... 

Favourite Film of August: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl! After being let down by ‘Fantastic Four’, I needed a film that would pick me up and restore my faith in cinema again and this one was definitely the one to do it lovelies. Full of fun and sad moment, this film is incredible and a must watch for any film fan, because the mock films within it are beautiful. 

Favourite TV Show of August: This month I fell in love with an old favourite which is ‘The Simpson’s’! I haven’t watched this show in a long time, and I don’t really know why I ever stopped because it is brilliant. I have been watching the classic episodes the most, which remind me of when it was on BBC Two in the UK. 

Favourite Song of August: I have loved a lot of music this month, but for me it has to be Omen by Sam Smith and Disclosure that beat all the others! I am obsessed with it and when it comes on I just want to dance around my room, which I have been doing quite often in fact lovelies aha! 

Favourite Book of August: It may seem like I have given up on the two books above, but I haven’t I promise, it is just I always find myself dipping in and out of books, and this month I have been reading the classic Jane Eyre, which I kept saying I would do and I have surprised myself by really enjoying it, because I will admit to not being a huge fan of classics lovelies. 

Favourite Spontaneous Act of August: In August my most spontaneous act was becoming an Auntie again, because it was a guessing game in our house during the first week of August when my nephew Leo was going to be born and when we got the message he had been, it was very spontaneous aha! I will actually be meeting him this weekend, so look out for pictures. 

Favourite Trailer of August: For me this month was a very busy month for trailers and I was left falling in love with many of them lovelies, but for me the ultimate trailer of this month, had to be the trailer for Suicide Squad lovelies, because Jared Leto looks amazing…

I know that this a bit of a smaller post lovelies than normal, but August was just full of family moments at home that I didn’t manage to get out to much, however I have high hopes and a lot of promise that September is going to be a lot more fun and definitely busier lovelies. In fact I am off out tonight in fact to enjoy Wicked the Musical in London lovelies, so you can guarantee that is going to be mentioned aha! 

What was some of your favourite things to do, see or experience in August lovelies?

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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