Hey Lovelies, 

I am currently having a little business meeting and creative day with my friend Tessa, who has her own music blog lovelies that you should all check out and have a read of! It can be found here: lovelies! 

However just because I am out doesn’t mean I am not blogging lovelies, as I have some very exciting new release news to share with you from the cult classic geniuses that are Arrow Films lovelies! 

Because on the 5th October, the company will be releasing ‘Witnesses’ on DVD and Blu-ray for you lovelies to enjoy! 

After breaking records in France, the show follows a series of crimes, which sees dead bodies being dug up and placed into show homes. None of the bodies are related, but form a family. Until a photo is discovered on one of the bodies, which causes a crime team to reform and come back to duty to try and solve the mystery of it and the way in which the bodies are being placed. 

Taking charge of the search is Sandra Winckler, who is working to find out who is behind it, as she searches and seeks information about the photo and what it really all means. 

Look out for it soon lovelies! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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