Hey Lovelies, 

I wasn’t sure if you what kind of tag to do this week lovelies, because I was hoping to have the Vlog in which me and Tessa from what’s The Set List? Did earlier this week out, but due to personal issues, we have been unable to upload them and so I hope you all enjoy this brand new one lovelies! 

This week’s one is all about family lovelies, as I thought that I hadn’t really spoken about my family much on the blog before, only in fleeting moments or at odd times lovelies, so I hope you all enjoy getting the chance to see the mad and crazy people that I am related to aha! 


What's Your Favorited Memory Together?
Probably when we spent Christmas all together! I love Christmas and we always have an early Christmas event every year to make sure everyone experiences it lovelies. 

Describe Your Family In One Word:

What Is Something That Annoys You About Your Family?
Everyone wants to have a say about everything aha! We are a very big and loud family, so it gets annoying a lot of the time. 

If You Could Go Anywhere In The World Together Where Would It Be And Why?
Probably a cruise, so we could experience different things at different times aha! We are all very different and like to enjoy different things, so I think this would work out well for us all. 

Favorited Inside Joke:
I don’t think we have one! Me and my mum do, but I don’t think any of us have a big one lovelies.

Who Takes Longest To Get Ready In Your Family?
Probably my dad! We tell him we are ready to go and he is still sorting his things out! He is terrible for it! 

What Are Your Family Pet Peeves?
Probably what I said above, just the fact that everyone has to have a say in everything.

What Are Your Greatest Fears For Your Family?
Everything you would imagine aha! But hopefully nothing like that ever happens.

And there you have it lovelies, this week’s tag, which I hope you all enjoyed! I know it was super short, but it was really hard to actually find a family tag lovelies I’m afraid! I will be back next week with another! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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