Hey Lovelies, 

It has come to that time of the week, where I share with you the answers to even more questions and this time I am going back to basics and sharing with you the answers to some film questions that I think you will all love. 

I have tried to answer questions in which you may not know the answers to lovelies and I hope that you enjoy them all, because they were very hard to answer at times aha! I am obsessed with these sort of questions and always want to think about them before answering so as not to get them wrong aha!

Enjoy lovelies…

The Most Depressing Movie You Ever Saw?
Oh my, probably ‘Up’ aha! That first five minutes is the saddest thing in the world and then I could not get out of the sadness when watching it, so I didn’t enjoy it lovelies. I haven’t watched it since aha! 

The Most Disturbing Movie You've Seen?
Oh my! I can’t think of the name of it but it was a horror film that I watched at my friend’s house a few years ago and it really freaked me out, because it was honestly so disturbing at the time. I regret watching that! 

An Actor / Actress You Have Seen In More Than 8 Films? 
Oh probably Johnny Depp! I am obsessed with him and I will watch him in anything! I think this comes from my love for ‘Edward Scissorhands’. 

A Film You Could Watch In A Loop Until The End Of Your Days?
‘Walk The Line’ or ‘Edward Scissorhands’! Probably ‘Walk The Line’ in this case for some weird reason. 

A Film That You Wish Had Never Seen: 
Oh my, now don’t hate me everyone but any of the ‘Harry Potter’ films! I can’t stand them! DON’T HATE ME PLEASE!

A Film Which You Would Like To See A Sequel Too: 
Erm this is hard because so many films have sequels now, but maybe ‘Edward Scissorhands’, just to see him leave his home or to get the chance to finally be free. 

A Book You'd Like To See Adapted Into A Movie:
I think it may be getting turned into a film, but if not then ‘Red Queen’ definitely should be lovelies, otherwise Patti Smith’s autobiography should, but it has to have the right people in the lead roles. 

A Film That Has A Special Place In Your Heart: 
‘Beauty and the Beast’, as it is my childhood film and I am hoping next year for my birthday something magical might happen surrounding the characters of the film aha!

A Film Universe In Which You Would Like To Live:
Is it weird that I would happily live in the world of ‘The Hunger Games’? I am obsessed with the characters and their worlds and I think I would get on well there with them. 

Your Biopic (Biographical Film) Favourite: 
‘Walk the Line’ lovelies! Johnny Cash is a personal hero. This is closely followed by ‘Nowhere Boy’, as John Lennon is another hero and Sam Taylor-Johnson got this film, so right! 

Cinema Mainstream Or Indie Cinema:
Both! I could watch either and be happy, I have no favourites, it is just what mood I am in on the day lovelies. 

Old Movies Or Recent Movies:
Same as above lovelies! I am obsessed with both lovelies aha! 

A Film With A Very Good Soundtrack:
Oh this is a hard one! Probably ‘Silver Lining’s Playbook’, because that soundtrack is incredible! If not this then definitely ‘Bridesmaids’ or even the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ one, as they all have songs for different moods. 

And there we have it lovelies! This week’s tag! I will be back next week with even more answers and I hope you all have fun answering these, as I tag all of you in it to take them and do on your channels or blogs lovelies! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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