Hey Lovelies, 

So today’s tag is a little bit different, because it is a series of questions with a bit of a twist lovelies, as it is all about baking a cake, based on your favourite books! I saw this and fell in love with the idea of it, although it did take me a while to think up the answers, because I wanted to make the holy grail of book cakes aha! 

And hopefully I have done just that…

Flour – A Book That Was A Little Bit Slow To Start Off But That Really Picked Up As It Went Along:
The Great Gatsby, which I was made to read by my school for my A Level’s and when I first picked it up I wondered what on earth was happening, what the characters were doing and how on earth life was like this, but by the end of it I was in love with the story, some of the characters and the roaring 1920s. 

Margarine – A Book That Had a Really Rich and Great Plot: 
Erm I am finding this really hard to answer, because there are so many great books that I have read and fallen in love with. I think it would probably have to be one of Matthew Quick’s novels, or ‘Bridget Jones Diary’ because it is such a classic novel. 

Eggs – A Book That You Thought Was Going To Be Bad But Actually Turned Out Quite Enjoyable:
I didn’t think it was going to be bad so much, but I was worried when I started to read Red Queen, because I wasn’t sure if it was the genre best suited to me. But I fell in love with it and have already pre-ordered the sequel. 

Sugar – A Sugary/Sweet Book:
For me this is probably Fangirl, which made me fall in love with Rainbow Rowell, as I saw the ways in which she was trying to connect with her readers in different and interesting ways, which I thought was lovely. 

Icing – A Book That Covered Every Single Element That You Enjoy About a Book (Funny Moments, Action Moments, Sad Moments, Etc.):
It has to be one of my favourite books ever and that is A Silver Linings Playbook, which just pulled my heart strings throughout, no matter what the characters were going through and I completely fell in love with it. 

Sprinkles – A Book Series That You Can Kind Of Turn To For A Little Pick Me Up When You’re Feeling Down: 
The Hunger Games series, because it is the books that made up my teenage years and I still find myself falling in love with elements of the characters whenever I read them now. I cannot wait for the last film to come out, but then I don’t want it to be over. 

The Cherry On Top – Your Favourite Book This Year So Far: 
Oh my this is hard! I have loved and read so many this year, but I really did love the book, Red Queen, because it completely shocked me and wasn’t a genre I was expecting to enjoy but really did and I fell in love with it so much I stayed up till 5am once to read it. 

And there you have it lovely, my book filled cake, which I am now going to sit back and eat, I mean enjoy aha! I will be back next week with hopefully another fun and different tag for you to enjoy! Oh and I tag all of you to answer this one! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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