Hey Lovelies, 

Since I went to the Big Ice Screening by Ben & Jerry’s at the weekend I have been thinking a lot about writing this feature, because I thought it would be something in which we could adapt on and build as we go along. 

After seeing one of my all-time favourite films on the big screen at the weekend, it got me thinking about the best films to watch in summer and on a huge screen with everyone lovelies, as I think the right film really manages to hit the spot when it comes to outdoor cinemas. 

For me this year, I found that the line up to so many outdoor cinemas have been brilliant, with new and old mixing together to bring audiences from around the world a piece of cinematic beauty, however there are still films that have yet to be shown on the big screens. 

Therefore I thought that I would share some of the films in which I think would make a great viewing at outdoor events lovelies, and I would love for you to comment below, on social media or even by the blog’s email to let me know which films you think would be a great outdoor cinema viewing.

Here are a few of the films that I think would be brilliant…

A Hard Day’s Night: Everyone knows the words to the songs featured in it and the jokey atmosphere that the Beatles create is sure to make everyone want to get up and enjoy the music. I would love to see everyone up and dancing around to ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ like people did when ‘Tiny Dancer’ came on at Ben & Jerry’s. 

Casablanca: Imagine sitting in the setting sun watching one of the greatest films of all time on the big screen with a huge number of film fans! I can imagine everyone sitting there shouting out the famous lines and making everyone laugh at them moments. 

The Hunger Games: This one I thought would be perfect for Ben & Jerry’s, as I thought it would be ironic that there was a lot of free ice cream at the event. There could even be some fancy flavours created for the even such as Peeta’s Peanut Butter Bakery! I have thought about this a bit too much aha! 

Mrs Doubtfire: Every year someone places the film on TV and we all sit and fall in love with one of the best cinematic figures of all time again, Mr Robin Williams, who will always be a legend for many reasons including this role. It is a film that every generation falls in love with and the way in which it leaves you feeling so happy inside is why it is a perfect outdoor cinema film. 

Bridesmaids: Summer is wedding season, so why not create the best wedding of the year on the big screen lovelies by placing this on a big outdoor cinema! It is the perfect film for everyone and all audiences and each audience member can relate to a character on the big screen at least once throughout it. 

The Lego Movie: What a better way to spend a day with the family at an outdoor cinema enjoying one of the best animations of all times lovelies! I can imagine some really fun aspects that could be brought in if the film was to be hosted at an event, such as Lego cushions and how great would it be to have a singalong moment to ‘Everything is Awesome’! Because if this film was shown at an outdoor event it really would be! 

Silver Linings Playbook: I don’t know why but this film really makes me think of Summer and the dance at the end could be the chance to get everyone up and moving to the music if they have been sitting to long, as they recreate the famous moves. It is one of those films that will make you feel like anything is possible during the summer. 

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist: Who wouldn’t want to go on a road trip to see your favourite band perform during the summer? With an outdoor cinema event hosting this film, I feel like we would be getting both experiences in one lovelies, as the music, road trip and cinematic brilliance of this film would be coming straight to us. 

Clueless: 20 years on this film is still a classic and to celebrate its big 21st birthday next year, it should definitely be aired at an outdoor cinema! While Cher may be picky about her shoes, no one watching this film will be picky about watching it because it is an absolute classic and started the teen films genre. 

The Parent Trap: It doesn’t matter which version of the film it was, this film was always shown on TV during my summer holidays as a kid and so when I hear about it I automatically think back to those lazy Sunday afternoons watching it. If there is a film that will make everyone think back to their childhood it is this one, which is why it is so perfect for an outdoor cinema event.

Throughout this feature I kept thinking of the great times I had in the sun enjoying the film on Sunday at Ben & Jerry’s and what made that film so key to being brilliant. I think that an outdoor cinema is always a fun way to spend the morning, afternoon and evening and so many of you lovelies must do as well, as they are continuing to grow and grow. 

Growing up I was always very lucky to experience cinematic moments in all of their beauty, but nothing could beat an outdoor cinema in the summer. It is one of those moments in time that you want to freeze and enjoy forever, which is why I think I loved the screening so much on Sunday, because it reminded me of when I was younger and the impact that Ben & Jerry’s festival use to have on my summer and the fun it always brought with it. 

What film would you like to see at an outdoor cinema lovelies? What is the film that reminds you of summer? Please let me know below or social media or even through the contact page as I would love to hear about them, because I am sure that there are a number of films that I have missed and would love to see on the big screen. 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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