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Sometimes the classic films are the best to watch on a lazy evening! They hook you in and make you want to watch on because you know when the good moments are coming up and the classic lines are going to be said, which was why after hearing so much about ‘State of Grace’, I was excited to watch it and I was glad I did! 

With an incredible cast, including Sean Penn, Ed Harris and Gary Oldman, the film follows an undercover officer with a past, as he returns to the streets that he once use to control. However his return is not welcomed back and he is trapped by the new crime boss Frankie and a relationship he wasn’t expecting. 

Throughout the talent within the film take on the plot and make it an interesting watch. They don’t go over the top and try to make the film more action packed then it is and they make it appear like a classic Scorsese piece. They have kept their legendary acting talents controlled in the film and therefore you want to keep watching. 

The plot is now one that has been repeated a lot and it is fun to watch this film and see how the modern classics are trying to be as good as this one. The gritty story is in a league of its own and no one can beat it nowadays because this is the era in which it all began and this film is one that fans of that period should watch. 

Therefore because of its originality and the incredible acting within the film, I am giving this state…

4 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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