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Over the past few days I wanted to see what Amazon Instant Video had created for us to vote on lovelies and so I sat down to watch ‘Sneaky Pete’ and ‘Casanova’! Both shows are completely different to each other and what you get from each is completely different, so I thought I would do a review of both shows and then reveal which one was my favourite. 

And seeing as I started with the show, ‘Sneaky Pete’, I thought it would be best to share that review with you first lovelies, because I don’t want any important details to leave my brain before I write it aha! 

Sneaky Pete Review: 

As soon as I sat down to watch this, I knew it was my kind of show. Comedy mixed with a lot of action and drama, is the perfect combination to hook me in, as well as the familiar faces in which makes up the shows characters. 

From the beginning you are put into the mind-set of the fake Pete, and while he is meant to be a character in which you should probably hate and dislike, you can’t! He is a likable figure who helps the family more than the real Pete probably ever would and while he is more likely to get them in trouble, with his skills, he is shown to get them out of them just as quickly. 

The leading members of the cast make the show an enjoyable watch and the first episode provides you with an insight into the ways in which they will develop and why they are the way that they are, making you want to watch on, which unfortunately we are unable to do so at the moment, but I hope that we will be able to in the future.

And it isn’t just the leading members, because the appearance of Bryan Cranston in the first episode, I won’t reveal why he is in it or his role as it could spoil it, but his appearance makes you sit up and take more notice of what is happening on screen. He adds something to the show that just makes you want to watch on and I think it is just his incredible way of hooking an audience in. 

Therefore I really enjoyed this show and would love to see more episodes in the future, because I think that the way in which it could develop and be built upon would make it even more hooking and enjoyable lovelies. It is one of those shows that I could see being a huge success and a great piece for all audiences. 

Casanova Review: 

A while ago I remember watching the David Tennant version of the famous womanizer’s story, so I was interesting in seeing how the story had been changed and developed for another audience and viewers. 

In this new version, the series automatically throws viewers into the troubles of the womanizer and they do not hold back. As soon as it began there were sex scenes within the first five minutes of it and therefore it is not a show to watch with parents aha! However while that may have been an aspect that many of you will expect, one aspect that viewers may not be expecting is the way in which the show has used the figures language. I really liked this element, because it showed just how much thought and character development in which they had thought about when making the piece lovelies, because it gave him a lot more depth and made him seem a lot more interesting. 

Although this was probably the only aspect that was really different within the story and I have to say it didn’t hook me in as much as I thought it was going to, because I already knew his story and the actions in which he took part in. Nothing really shocked me like it did in ‘Sneaky Pete’ and there wasn’t many moments in which I sat up and took a lot of notice of when watching. 

All of the show would be interesting for those who had never seen or heard much about the figures history before, but other than that I think it lacked something new and it could have been a lot better. It may do so in fact with more episodes, but I don’t think it would be a series in which I would continue to watch in the future, because I already feel like I know where it is going. 

Therefore I would say that ‘Casanova’ is the perfect step forward for a new series for those who have not watched the show before, but if you have seen other adaptations of it or if you know the story of the figure well then you will probably feel like I did, which is that you already know the story enough. 

Overall Feelings: 

After watching both shows I would say that I would love to see ‘Sneaky Pete’ get developed into a bigger series more so than ‘Casanova’, because I could feel myself wanting to know more and watch on to see if he would get away with being a completely different person. 

I feel that the characters have further to go and have a better story to bring to audiences and therefore I would like to see ‘Sneaky Pete’ be continued in the future, as I think it is going to be a brilliant future piece for Amazon Instant Video. 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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