Hey Lovelies, 

A few days ago I was asked if I would like to review the film ‘Shopping Channels’ by one of the amazing creators behind it lovelies, which I was happy to do lovelies, because I love to mention those working in the industry and the magic in which they are creating! 

Following two friends called Mike and Pete, the film sees the pair going on a road trip with Maddie, a young woman who enters their lives unexpectedly and changes their friendship completely in a short amount of time, as they embark on the journey to her mother’s wedding. 

One of the most amazing elements within the film was the idea of adults going on a road trip. Most films and shows feature young adults travelling to new places, while many adults are actually taking to the roads in real life and this portrayal on screen was a likable and fun adventure for audiences to follow. 

There attitudes are tested and the way in which they look to each other in times of need is completely refreshing and the actors have worked hard to make sure that audiences are given something new to enjoy. They go through the emotions in which all of those watching would be going through in the same situations and they do it in an effective way. 

As the companies first feature film, it is an original and fun piece that will be sure to entertain audiences of all ages, as they see the characters and their emotions take over the screen on this wild journey, that is completely refreshing and new. 

Therefore I would give the film…

4 Stars 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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