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As someone who is really looking forward to seeing ‘Legend’, I wanted to learn a bit more about the Kray twins before I saw it, which was why I was interested in seeing the film ‘The Rise of the Krays’, because I was hoping to learn something from it. However what I found was a boring version of their story that didn’t capture me in as a viewer.

From the beginning viewers are giving the chance to see how the twins became so famous in London and the downfall in which occurred during the later years, however it is not presented in a way that will hook audiences in as the story falls flat at times in which it is meant to be hooking you in and making you want to watch on.

Their story isn’t described in much detail and the moments within it, such as the blackmail scenes, are left bland, as they don’t continue on and explain why they are doing it in such a good way, instead causing audiences to have to guess what the outcome really was.

As for the films acting, the leading figures don’t act as though they are enjoying the story they are telling and they don’t seem to want to do so, when they are trying to tell audiences all about it, which isn’t a joy to watch as an audience member.

Therefore I am giving the film…

2 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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