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You all know now how much I love a good horror film, in fact I would probably say that it is one of my favourite genres to explore on the blog, as I love that feeling in which they give you and the edge of your seat thrill that is provided by many. However it also means that I always look for ones that will scare me, as it is quite hard to do so now. So I was excited to watch the new horror ‘Paranormal Island’, which I didn’t know much about before watching!

Following a group of women, who get a job at a haunted bar on a party island, the film sees the miss their boat home, causing them to spend the night in the bar, that is said to be the home a ghostly figure who killed himself while working in the bar. The night soon becomes a fight for survival that challenges everything the girls thought they knew about each other and themselves. 

While the creators have tried to create an original film and the plot is very new, the elements within this film are like those that have been done before. However that doesn’t make it a film that isn’t an interesting watch, because it has moments that are so old school they bring back that horror film charm that true fans will be able to enjoy. 

The acting within the film is also okay as the cast have obviously worked hard to provide a piece that will have some not so huge horror film fans jumping out of their skins. It is a film that will become a cult classic from the way in which the acting comes across, as it provides a sense of fun that many people will be looking for. 

Even though it lacks in originality, the film is an overall fun horror film that will fill the gap with ease while waiting for the next big horror piece. It is a feature that would be good to start a horror film marathon to ease those who are not the biggest fans of that genre into watching more. 

Therefore I am giving the film…

3 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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