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Now if you are a fan of films and football, then this new piece of news may be the best thing for you lovelies, as the 16th August will mark a new partnership between AFC Wimbledon and ‘Paper Towns’! 

Together the pair will be bringing the film to the Wimbledon Odeon, as Neal Ardley and his team take to the red carpet, along with a number of the teams supporters, as they collaborate together, to bring the community together and to give a thank you to author John Green, who has supported AFC Wimbledon for a long time.

During the event, there will be a chance for you lovelies, to record your own messages to the author, who has recently sponsored the north stand, known as The John Green Stand, and to purchase a special goodie bag that will include a Paper Towns book, The Fault in Our Stars DVD, Paper Towns official A3 poster, Paper Towns badges and an AFC Wimbledon match day programme.

Speaking about the event, AFC Wimbledon Commercial Director Ivor Heller said: “The support that John has shown us here at AFC Wimbledon has been awesome. This is our chance to give him something back. All our sponsors need our support whenever possible, but not many of them can influence a special screening of one of the biggest films of the year. Wear your colours and literally help us to send a message of thanks back to John in the USA!!”

There are only a few spaces left lovelies, so definitely check out here: to get your tickets quickly if you would like to attend the event lovelies! 

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