Hey Lovelies, 

Now I have to admit that this may be my last post of the day lovelies, but don’t worry because I will be back bright and early with lots of new items and a possible new feature! That will be the third one this week lovelies aha! 

However even though I am leaving for the night, I will still be around on Twitter and I have a brand new piece of news that will be sure to make you all very happy lovelies, as Morph, the famous clay figure who was created in 1977, is going to be celebrating his return to TV at Fringe! Learn in Scotland lovelies. 

Along with Aardman co-creator and founder Peter Lord, the figure with be hosting ‘A Morning With Morph’ on the 29th August lovelies, in which he will be joined with some special guests at the Pleasance Courtyard in the Cabaret Bar, which you loves can attend. 

However if you can’t make that event lovelies, there will also be a Morph Model Making Workshop every day of the event, starting from the 28th until the 31st August, at the Pleasance Courtyard on The Green lovelies. With skilled people on hand between 2pm and 5pm, this is not an event to miss lovelies! 

Definitely go and check this out and make your own Morph lovelies! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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