Hey Lovelies, 

We have had new clips, new films, new images, and now it is time for the best news of the day! Oh yes it is release news time lovelies and today I have both film and TV releases to share with you lovelies that will be sure to motivate you on this rainy Monday! 

Let’s start with this news from Sky, who have announced that they will be releasing a brand new TV show called ‘You, Me and the Apocalypse’!

Starring Mathew Baynton, Pauline Quirke, Megan Mullally, Jenna, Fischer, Rob Lowe, Gaia Scodellaro, Paterson Joseph, Joel Fry, Kyle Soller, Karla Crome, Charlie Condou and guest star Dame Diana Rigg, the show was created by Iain Hollands and directed by Emmy winning Michael Engler, to show audiences a different side to the apocalypse.

Following a number of different characters including Jamie, a bank manager who is struggling to deal with the fact that his wife has gone missing and that he might have an identical twin, which his mum is yet to explain to him about, as he is arrested for being cyber terrorism suspect, as well as librarian Rhonda, who has been arrested and sent to a maximum security prison for a crime she didn’t commit, causing her to fall under the wing of a white supremacist called Leanne. Also being followed is a rebel priest known as Father Jude, who is made to interview Sister Celine, causing him to struggle with his inner demons. 

All of which are characters who are affected when it is announced that a comet is going to collide with Earth in 34 days, which causes all of them to believe that they must make it to a bunker in Slough to survive. However it is humankind they must survive first. 

With such a great cast lovelies, you will not want to miss this new show! 

As well as this, Dogwoof have announced that they will be releasing the brand new documentary, ‘3 ½ Minutes’, into cinemas on the 2nd October lovelies! 

Directed by Sundance 2015 award winner, Marc Silver, the film shows an inside look into the racism and violence within the USA and the way in which the death of 17-yearold Jordan Davis, caused such an impact to many families and young black lives. 

Look out for both releases very soon lovelies! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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