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Tonight I went to the cinema to catch an early screening of ‘Me and Earl and the Dying Girl’, which I knew was a book, but was unaware of what it was really about and had been looking forward to seeing and enjoying this summer. 

Following the life of Greg, who is trying to survive his time at high school by mixing with all of the groups within it, including his filmmaking friend Earl, the film, shows his life change for ever as he learns that his friend Rachel has been diagnosed with Leukaemia.  When his mother asks him to spend time with her, the pair becomes close friends who share everything with each other, even though Greg refuses to get close to anyone. 

The plot appears to stay true to the book and follows the lives of the teenagers within it in a close manner that will make you feel like you are friends with them yourself and that you have lived out the moments with them. The creators of the film have made sure that audiences see all sides to the characters in both good and bad terms that will have you picking your favourites from the very beginning. 

With an incredible cast, the film is this year’s teenage dramedy that will leave audiences laughing at one moment and weeping at others. The young actors within it, including Olivia Cooke, Thomas Mann and RJ Cyler, completely and utterly stand out in this film and if any film is going to launch their career it will be this one. 

Together they are the perfect friendship group that lean on each other at times, in which the audience wishes that they could lean on them two. They don’t conform to what audiences would be expecting to happen and together they provide an honest and fun friendship group, highlighting the different figures and friends in which everyone has in their lives. 

While Greg is dealing with the consequences that his life at school causes, Rachel is battling with her illness in an honest and surprising way that highlights the strength in which she is given as a character and Earl, who has been brought up in a dangerous neighbourhood is the most fun character and provides the most honest and entertaining figure within the film, who will become a firm favourite with all audiences that watch it. 

As well as this, the film is a film lover’s dream come true at times, as it mentions and quizzes audiences with made up film titles, that keep you guessing what that film should really be, which is a fun and fresh idea, as the cliché moments in which could have happened her don’t. They show the talents of the filmmakers for creating such fun and passionate ideas that fill the film up with beautiful moments, in times that are quite tough for audiences. 

Each shot and piece of footage is placed together within the film in a beautiful that makes it a truly eye catching film that will be a strong cinematic experience for any audience member that views it because it honestly speaks the truth throughout, both good and bad, which shows how hard the filmmakers had been in trying to make it is a real as possible, so that the audience can relate to it. 

Therefore I am giving Greg and Earl and Rachel, this incredible rating for their story…

5 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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