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A few weeks ago I mentioned that to brand new DVD’s would be coming out in celebration of the great Richard Attenborough who made a number of classic films that will live on forever. And so I wanted to capture two of those classics and review them upon the day of their release lovelies. Starting with ‘Jet Storm’…

Jet Storm Review: 

Following Attenborough’s father figure, the film shows a struggling father who decides to hunt down the man who killed his daughter and get revenge on him for the acts in which he committed, causing them to both end up on the same flight at the same. 

Throughout the film is a classic disaster film that has obviously left its mark on the future cinema and recent hits, as the themes in which we see today, were most likely invented within the world of this film. However not to the best ability, as the moments in which are obviously meant to be action filled lack quite a lot of action and seem flat when trying to portray something. 

The real gem in this film is in fact just the acting talents of those within it, especially leading man Attenborough, who manages to make the film a joy to watch and gripping to follow, because you want to know how his character is going to handle the situation he is in. 

There is a moment in which you can see fellow actors who have used his skills and techniques to portray their own heroes and this makes ‘Jet Storm’ a key film in the way it has impacted the future film industry. Although it doesn’t match up to some of the films in which followed after it, as it lacks in a gripping plot line that has a lot of wasted time. 

Therefore I am giving the film…

3 Stars 

Dancing With Crime Review: 

From the moment the film begins, you are caught up in the world of crime and conflict that the characters have placed themselves in, and it is easy to see why they have used Attenborough’s skills to tackle the character, because he brings a strong edge to it and makes it a key film to follow to see the influence it left on future films. 

His work in this film proves how much the film industry needed this performance to build the gangster genre in which British cinema has become so reliant on at times and this piece is definitely one that the industry looks at a lot. While the other actors in the film stand out, this film has an element to it that just makes you focus on the leading man in the film. 

Throughout watching you know that you are watching something that would become film magic and it is easy to get lost in the world of crime that is taking place on screen, because they developed the world that has become so big. 

And therefore I am giving the film…

4 Stars

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